Looking to Monetize? Advertise? Let's go Native

New Style Ad Network for Smartphone Media

Our platform is an Ad Network focusing on smartphone In-Feed style Native Ads.

Nowadays, the key medium for consuming information is shifting to mobile. Our platform will help generate incremental revenue and at the same time preserve the user experience.

Our platform uses an ad format which seamlessly matches the layout of the media and helps rid users of annoying ads such as banners.

Native ads are currently being used extensively across major social media such as Facebook and Twitter (they can be identified by the word “sponsored”). Native ads are specifically displayed between media contents and fitted to the tone and manner of media. Thus, blending perfectly into the contents around it.

Both Publisher and Advertiser can benefit from this format as it helps publishers monetize without compromising the user experience and at the same time generates higher performance for brands.

Screen Shots

It is adaptable to a variety of formats

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